Who Should Sell With Us?

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We have an open and honest policy when it comes to our buying/selling process at The Walk in Wardrobe. We try to explain to every customer that if you’re thinking of selling items to us, to make sure that you’re going to be happy with our process before you bring them in! This saves your time and ours and means you’ll walk away chuffed with our cash or store credit offer.


Our cash exchange for clothing is BEST suited for:

  • People looking for a quick & easy way to get rid of bulk items that are excellent condition and quality brands (think Witchery/Country Road and above all the way to designer!)
  • Those who want a bit of cash for their items but don’t want the hassle of having to sell privately online.
  • Fashionistas who love shopping at The Walk in Wardrobe; you can bring your items into us and exchange them for store credit, which is always 20% more than our cash offer. It’s valid for 6 months.
  • People who have tried to sell their items online but haven’t had any luck - we’re the next step before donation!


Our cash exchange for clothing is NOT suited for:

  • People with one-off designer pieces, or a bundle of great items who are wanting a high return (we always suggest selling privately, as you’ll get more $$ this way)
  • Those with heaps of bin bags full of mixed quality items - we’re quite specific on the garments and accessories that we accept, so we ask you to please ensure everything you bring us meets our standard requirements. You can find this information on our website :)

Think of us as a the ‘friendly middle’, in-between selling privately, and donating items. AND the bonus of it all, is that we do actually donate your items to local charity, Orphans Aid, if we don’t buy them for resale. So you still get to walk away with that FEEL GOOD vibe for doing something for your community!

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