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A Preloved Fashion Store Designed Around the Customer Experience.

Often, when you stumble into a secondhand treasure trove, it can be overwhelming for those without sufficient time to hunt high and low for the 'good stuff'. That's why at The Wardrobe we ONLY have the good stuff!

For over a decade, our beautiful boutiques have been meticulously adorned with a multitude of quality garments from great brands to exquisite couture labels, all colour-coded using sizing beads for the ease of the hunt!

Our Frankton store now also houses additional collections of handcrafted hardwood, up-cycled furniture and unique homewares.

The store owner and creative vision, Jenna McLellan, moved to New Zealand from the UK in 2007 and became so captivated by Queenstown that she never left. The Wardrobe concept was to propel a once-frowned-upon pastime (thrift shopping) into a desirable way of obtaining top-branded garments for an affordable price for all. Not to mention contributing to the circular economy that is helping to reduce the amount of clothing heading to landfill.

To amplify the customer experience in our welcoming stores, we have comfortable sofas for those not on the garment quest, and a chest of toys to keep any curious little ones occupied! We also welcome friendly pups - because who doesn't love making a new furry friend!

Our store is your second home. A place where you can relax, chat, be inspired and find unique clothing from well-known designer brands for less than half the original retail price. Our enthusiastic staff members are friendly, knowledgeable and always there for you to talk to.

Fashion isn't about following trends and affording expensive labels. It's not about wearing the latest releases or having a closet full of fancy fabrics that hardly get worn. Like art, it's about self-expression. We'd love to see you enjoy our creation and feel inspired to be a more adventurous you!

The Wardrobe Team

Meet the Wardrobe team; a dynamic, caring team of talented women with infectious energy and enthusiasm for the preloved industry!

Jenna - Owning Director


Owning Director

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Annabel - Store Assistant / Buyer / Marketing


Store Assistant / Buyer / Marketing

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Joanne - Store Assistant / Buyer


Store Assistant / Buyer

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Barbara - Store Assistant


Store Assistant

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Selma - Store Assistant


Store Assistant

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Lois - Store Assistant


Store Assistant

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