10 Reasons to Shop Secondhand With Us!


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In today's consumer-driven society, the rise in popularity of shopping second-hand is more important than ever. From reducing your carbon footprint, to lowering your consumer spending, embracing the mentality of a mindful thrifter can help both your bank account and the planet. 

Here are ten reasons why shopping second-hand at The Walk in Wardrobe is the best way to begin your love affair with preloved shopping...

  1. Eco-Friendly Fashion By buying second-hand clothing, you reduce the demand for new production, which in turn, lessens the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Thrifting helps conserve water, energy, and resources required to manufacture new garments, making it a more sustainable choice. Instead you are contributing to the circular economy.

  2. Unique Style Instead of having to dash to several stores for an array of different items, you can find all your favourite brands - and some unique ones - all under one roof with us! Get adventurous and experiment with your style - our staff members love to help style you, so don't be shy to ask for our help. We also occasionally have one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, enabling you to cultivate a personal style that stands out from mass-produced fashion trends.

  3. Budget-Friendly We offer pristine products priced at around half the original retail value to help you stretch your budget further. You can find high-quality clothing, accessories, and even furniture at a fraction of the cost of new items. Some of our garments are brand new with tags! We sell both men's and women's fashion, catering to a range of styles and budgets. We also sell accessories, homewares, furniture and gifts.

  4. Sizing Beads Our colour-coded beads make it super easy to find your size amidst the vibrantly merchandised rails, so your trip can be efficient but not draining. It's important to us that your experience is enjoyable.

  5. High-Quality Finds For those who would rather not spend hours trawling through the rails of a cluttered op-shop, or taking the risk by purchasing items over online marketplaces, The Walk in Wardrobe does the hard work for you. Our buyers are specially trained to seek out excellent condition items to stock our store with so you know that everything you pick up has been cared for and quality checked.

  6. Cash Exchange Initiative Have excellent condition preloved items that you think would suit our store? You can bring them in for our buyers to look through and potentially make you a cash offer. If we DO make you an offer then we'll also make a store credit offer of 20% more, meaning you can build up store credit the more you bring items in and use it to pay for/go towards future shops! To find out more on how to be a seller click here.
  7. Philanthropic Impact for 12 years now, we have worked alongside local charity Orphans Aid (based in Frankton) and donate items directly to them every day. When we do our cash exchange and are unable to buy some of your items, we can offer donating them to this charity to save you the hassle of dealing with them yourself.

  8. Reducing Waste Gone are the days where you would sling your unwanted clothing into a bin to head to landfill, with our cash exchange initiative we can help take your garments through another lifecycle! 

  9. Minimalist Lifestyle Opting for second-hand goods aligns with the principles of minimalism by promoting conscious consumption and detaching from materialism. It's a great way to begin your journey if you are wanting to be mindful about your environmental impact. Feel free to strike up a conversation with one of our lovely staff members who are well versed in the impacts of fast fashion on the Earth.

  10. Support a Local Business We have been based in Queenstown for over 12 years now, and more recently closed our town shop in order to focus on the one store in Frankton. The support from our local community and from travellers has kept our doors swinging open - and we are forever grateful!

From contributing to sustainability efforts and embracing unique styles to supporting local communities and reducing waste, second-hand shopping is a win-win for everyone involved. So, the next time you need to refresh your wardrobe or furnish your home, consider heading to The Walk in Wardrobe and discover the ease and joy of shopping with us whilst making a positive impact.

Remember as well that we have our online store which you can browse/shop from the comfort of your sofa!

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