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It's quick, easy AND you can walk out with $$ in your pocket!

How does it work?

We've made it super easy for you to see when our buyers are working in the store, so please check our buying schedule to see the best times to pop in with your items.

Bring your excellent condition quality items along to our store in Frankton, and let our amazing buyers peruse through. They will look through your items whilst you wait and will offer you an instant cash amount for any selected items. There is also an option to obtain store credit (which is a 20% higher offer and valid for 6 months) so that you can use it towards any goodies we have in store!

Any items that we are unable to take can be left with us to donate directly to Orphans Aid International - a local charity that we have lovingly supported since we opened our doors.

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What kind of items do we take?


  • Womenswear 
  • Branded Activewear
  • Medium and large leather handbags
  • Quality jewellery
  • Branded footwear
  • Statement home decor 
  • Small to medium-sized furniture 

All items must be in excellent condition, we cannot accept items that are stained, pilled, or damaged. We are always on the hunt for quality brands so think of high street labels such as Country Road, Witchery, Kilt, Storm, Moochi and Nom*D right through to designer labels such as Trelise Cooper, Zambesi and Juliette Hogan. 

Please note that we may not make an offer on some of your items purely based on the current season or whether we already have similar styles in stock already, there are only so many little black dresses we need at a time! We also cannot risk taking counterfeit products so if you have some high-end items it's always helpful to bring along your original receipts or authenticity certifications.

For more info on what we take, please subscribe to our newsletter as we will release a specific sellers email once a month to update you with what we are currently looking for!

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What will we offer you?

We like to think of ourselves as the 'middle option' between selling your items online and donating them to the op-shops.

If you have some high-end pristine garments you are looking to sell for good money, we always suggest that you will receive a higher return if you sell your items yourself. We're a good option for those who have a good amount of items to sell and don't have the time or want the hassle of doing it yourselves.

We offer a quick and easy exchange meaning that you're able to walk straight out with instant cash. We even offer an option of leaving the unselected items for donations to Orphans Aid International.

It's super easy: just check our buying schedule, pop into the Frankton store and let our buyers look through your treasures. We will offer you instant cash or store credit for selected items. How much cash we offer depends on the brand, condition, season, colour, size - there's a lot for our buyers to consider! To understand what we look for in garments, you can read our blog post 'Through the Eyes of a Buyer'.

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Good to know

It's always best to check our buying schedule online to see what times our buyers are available. 

There is parking right outside the Frankton shop so it's no hassle to drop in at any time. We prefer that items are laundered and either folded in a bag or box for our sellers to look through, rather than in bin bags or on hangers!

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