Clothing Exchange Initiative

Exchange your pre-loved fashion for cash or store credit. Or donate items to Orphans Aid International.

It's super easy. Bring in your pre-loved treasures, and our team will take a look, then give you instant cash or fantastic store credit for the pieces we love too. 

It's quick, simple, hassle free and ... yes, you can walk out with $$ in your pocket!

You can donate any unselected clothing in store to Orphans Aid International - we have supported their fantastic cause for many years and are proud to continue helping. 

Please don't be offended if we don't select all of your quality items - we pride ourselves on stocking the store for the seasons, and sometimes there's only so many 'little black tops' we need at a time!

We love to help you out without you having to wait - but, sometimes it's busy! If you know you're going to be in a rush, give us a buzz first and we will try and plan a good time. 

Questions or want to arrange a time? 03 409 0190.

Orphans Aid International

Orphans Aid International

The Walk in Wardrobe proudly supports a locally run international charity that helps many children around the world.

See what they're up to: 

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