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Humans take raw materials from the Earth, create from them and then destroy them, which has a detrimental impact on the health of our planet. Our processes are often linear; we take, we make, then we discard. Living in a world where fast fashion is so readily available, we have created a throw-away society that places value on quantity over quality, and encourages wasteful culture. By contrast, a circular economy aims to avoid waste being produced in the first place and offers a principal solution to help eliminate pollution and keep existing materials in circulation.

It is a model of production and consumption, that focuses on sharing, reusing, repairing, repurposing and recycling items that may otherwise end up in landfill, causing significant damage to our environment. In order to devise a thriving circular economy, it is important to question how we manage our resources and what we do with materials after use. It embodies the philosophy that a products beginning and ending are of equal importance.

The Circular Economy in Fashion

As a preloved fashion boutique, we advocate shopping secondhand in an attempt to prolong the life of garments that are no longer being loved by their previous owners. Outside of our own sustainable store, we also advocate conscious brands, quality eco fabrics and companies that value ethical treatment of their workers.

Style, for us, is about outwardly expressing our internal artistry. There's a reason we all love to play with fashion, and sadly, it often comes at a cost to the planet. But we believe that by shopping secondhand and by cultivating a circular fashion economy, we can still enjoy the art of dressing without it damaging our Earth and its inhabitants.

Thankfully, after the recent surge of slow fashion education on social media and consumer demand for supply chain transparency, an increasing number of beloved brands are turning to more sustainable practises within their production and manufacturing lines. But it's not enough to reverse the damage we have already done. The entire fashion industry needs remodelling on sustainable foundations if we are to ever recover and see our planet and its people thrive. Circular fashion is our solution.

By centring conscious design, circular fashion promotes the use of less materials and works to utilise any waste (such as fabric offcuts). It strives to remove pollutants entirely from the supply chain (such as harmful dye that ends up in our oceans and impacts aquatic life), increases the recyclability of a garment; ensuring items can be reused and repurposed, and designs garments with longevity that once they are no longer of value, can be safely returned to nature.

Where Do We Fit Into All of This?

As consumers and as conscious beings striving to live more intentionally, we must begin to question what type of world our money is casting a vote for. Where we spend, and what we consume, is the most fundamental decision we can make as individuals to encourage positive change. By supporting the change-makers (the good guys), we can each play a paramount role in the implementation of a circular economy. Other ways we can show up for our friends in the sustainability sector are by:

  • Shopping secondhand
  • Renting outfits
  • Host/attend clothes swaps
  • Take care of what you have already
  • Support ethical brands
  • Question your motives before buying
  • Look at alternative ways to discard garments you're no longer using
  • Get to know your fabrics and try to choose earth-friendly fibres
  • Reduce, rewear, recycle, repair, resell
  • Demand transparency from the brands you love
  • Keep the conversations surrounding sustainability raised

This is why we love what we do at The Walk in Wardrobe. We offer a cash initiative in exchange for your quality preloved garments, so that they have a chance to find new love in a new home, thus prolonging their life and contributing to the circular solution. 

Be part of the slow fashion revolution and help support us in our mission to reduce waste whilst still sharing our joy for style!

"Clothes aren't going to change the world, the women who wear them will" - Anne Klein

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