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At The Walk in Wardrobe, we want your selling experience to be smooth, hassle-free and enjoyable, so we've pieced together the Ultimate Sellers Guide to ensure you know everything you need to before bringing your preloved goods to us!

What are We Looking For?

Of course, what our buyers are looking for will change from month to month. It can depend on the season, what kind of items we already have in store (for example, we're always swamped with black garments, so we tend to take less of these compared to vibrant colours), what's trending and what customers may be asking for at the time.

For example, we're always needing knits and warm fabrics such as merinos, cashmere, furs, wool and leather - these fabrics sell quickly because they're always in high demand (especially living in Queenstown where the weather can be extremely unpredictable!). But in the cooler months we won't be buying as many sandals and summer dresses.

Everything must be in excellent condition - despite your garments being secondhand, they need to look new! This means we can't accept anything with stains, holes, scuffs, pilling or loose threads. 

Women's Clothing:

  • Current fashion from quality brands such as Country Road, Witchery, Decjuba, Max, Ketz-Ke, Nom*D, Moochi, Trelise Cooper, Andrea Moore, Zambesi and up from there.

  • We take any fabric providing they're good brands, but we especially adore lovely fabrics such as merino, wool, cashmere, fur, linen, silk, hemp, leather, organic cotton etc. 

  • Items: knits, maxi skirts, quality year-round dresses, event dresses (but not wedding, bridesmaid dresses or ball gowns), fashion tops of all types, outdoor wear, coats & jackets, branded jeans such as True Religion, Diesel, New London, and similar, higher end pants.

  • Footwear: ankle boots, block heels, branded sneakers/pumps, lace-ups/brogues, outdoor boots. We don't take stiletto heels or knee high boots. We only take sandals in the summer months.

  • Accessories & Homewear: Large statement piece home decor, quality current jewellery, designer or leather handbags & purses, winter scarves, branded fashion scarves, large branded sun hats and fedora hats.

  • We tend to take sizes 8-16 and are more selective with 18+ garments.

Men's Clothing:

  • Current fashion from quality high-end brands that would retail over $200 new. Think smart pants, designer polos, funky shirts, coats, jackets and knits/jumpers/merinos. Please note that we don't take suits/dress pants.

  • Footwear: Quality men's leather shoes, loafers, branded sneakers.

  • Sizes S-2XL

Furniture & Homewares:

  • We're looking for unique statement pieces, interesting ornaments, lamps, decorative pillows, stools, wooden boxes, drawers, large platters, chairs, tables, large vases & centre-piece items.

  • If you have large furniture, please contact Jenna directly on 02102288569 to arrange a time she can view them.

How Does it Work?

  • Use our online Buying Schedule to ensure there's a buyer present for when you're wanting to visit us. No appointments are needed. We do ask that you try and see us between the hours of 10am-4:30pm so we can make sure we have time to look through your items thoroughly!

  • Bring us your garments and our friendly buyers will quality check the items, forming a pile that we would like to buy from you, and a pile that we can either donate to Orphans Aid International, or you can take back home.

  • Whilst we're checking your items, you are free to roam around the store and have a little shopping time in peace! 

  • Our buyers know their brands well! But if they spot a brand that's unfamiliar they will search for similar items online in order to gage a price point. We price most of our items at roughly 50% off their original retail price. We're also looking to take items that are original over the price of $100.

  • Each item may be worth a different amount, so we add it all up (we guesstimate what we think we could sell it for) and then offer a percentage of that to you in cash. Please note that in our offers we will have considered everything from GST, sales, the risk of perhaps not selling that item at all, its overall merit (is it a seasonal item or timeless?) and its condition. We will also make a store credit offer which is always 20% higher.

  • Once you've decided what you want to do, we'll seal the deal by either filling out a seller form or adding the credit to our system. Once the transaction is complete it is final and cannot be undone. 

  • You leave the store happy and a little bit richer!

Things to Know Before Coming to Us:

  • We always aim to look through your items while you wait, but there will be occasions where the store is busy or we are already looking through someone else’s items, please allow time and patience whilst we work to get to you. In most cases you can enjoy a browse or take a seat!
  • Please note that you do not need to book appointments to sell to us, but you do need to head to our website and click on the SELL ITEMS tab to view our Frankton Buying Schedule, which will let you know when there is a buyer available to look through your items. We aren't able to hold your items in storage so please ensure you give yourself enough time to complete the transaction in one sitting.

  • We will make a cash and store credit offer, the store credit is always 20% higher and it is completely up to you which you take! Walk out with cash in your hand on the day, or save the store credit until you want to purchase from us. Please note that store credit can't be used online.

  • We openly suggest to our sellers that you will get a higher return selling items privately, but if you don’t want the hassle of uploading things online, then we offer instant cash up front! Quick and easy. 

  • Any unselected items can be donated on your behalf to Orphans Aid International - a fantastic local charity, who collect items off us weekly.

Ways to Increase the Chance of Us Buying Garments From You:

  • If your items are washed, you do get slightly higher returns as we must consider washing costs if we need to do it on our end. We can not take items that are dirty, stained or severely blemished.
  • As you likely know already, we can only accept quality garments from the get-go. This means a mix of higher end quality brands, designer garments, NZ made, and great fabrics in great condition.
  • If you have a purchase certificate or receipt showing genuineness for high-end items this is really helpful for us (we cannot take fakes). 
  • It is not essential that your goods are ironed, as we will steam selected items on our end - but it makes it easier to see the garments if they're neatly folded. We ask that you please don't bring items in on hangers as it makes it trickier to deal with. Folded in a bag or suitcase is preferred.

    We can't wait to see what you guys have for us after your seasonal / monthly / sometimes even weekly closet clean outs! For our buyers it's exciting, and we hope the ease of the transaction is as breezy for you as possible. We'll see you soon...

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